Treasury Bills

Treasury Bills

Q.1      What is the basic function of the Treasury?

Ans.     The Treasury is that office, from where the amount to be spent by the Government duly voted by the Legislature of the State, is released in the shape of cheque. Charged amount is also released.

Q.2      What is charged amount?

Ans.     Charged Expenditure is the Expenditure, which under various Articles of the Constitution of India has been declared as charged on the Consolidated Fund of the State, and as such is not subject to the vote of the Legislature.

Q.3.     What is voted expenditure?

Ans.     Voted expenditure is the expenditure other than charged, which is subject to the vote of the Legislature.

Q.4      What is DDO?

Ans.     Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO) means in relation to expenditure under any head of account, a Government employee defined as such in rule 2.16 of the Punjab Budget Manual.

Q.5      What is Token?

Ans.     Token is a unique number assigned to the Bill by the Computer on its presentation at the Treasury.

Q.6      What is the validity of the Treasury Cheque?

Ans.     The Treasury Cheque is valid for 3 month from the date of its issue or 31st March, whichever, period is less.

Q.7      What is the maximum amount, up to which cheque in case of third party can be given to the DDO?

Ans      Rs. 10,000/-. The cheque above Rs. 10,000/- is to be issued in the name of third party.

  1. 8    Can a Messenger present the bill at any of the counters of the Treasury?

Ans.     The authorised Messenger shall present the bill at the Token counter.

Q.9      If authorised Messenger is not available, how the bills may be presented?

Ans.     The DDO may authorize two employees as Messengers. Either of the Messenger is allowed to present bills and receive claims at the Treasury. During absence of both the Messengers, the DDO may request the Treasury to allow any other specially authorised Messenger.

Q.10    What are the timings of the Treasury Transactions?

Ans.     The Treasury shall entertain Govt., Cash business from 9.00AM to 1.30PM on all working days. This would include receipt and return of bills, delivery of cheques, Sale of stamps. The other activity would continue throughout the day.

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